Interaction - Bachelors

Visualising Impact

'Visualising Impact' is an immersive interactive website that replicates real-life textile waste issues. It connects user responses to a vivid representation of textile waste, creating an engaging experience. Falling clothing pieces, triggered by user choices, serve as a poignant metaphor and a platform for impactful environmental advocacy, raising awareness about the alarming impact of textile waste.


‘Visualising Impact’ utilised the source-code editor ‘Visual Studio Code’ for coding (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), incorporated the Matter.js library for interactivity, and Adobe Illustrator for the illustrations, delivering a dynamic and visually appealing web experience.

Angela Valencia

Angela, a dynamic UX and Product Designer, expertly combines creativity and user-centric principles to craft impactful digital experiences. Her goal is to shape a brighter future through innovative design solutions.