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.urmp3 offers a peaceful space for users to relax or energise with music and visuals, easing daily stress. Engage with the app to create your desired experience as you blend music and backgrounds for relaxation, peace, or energy.

What is .urmp3?

‘.urmp3’ aims to provide a tranquil space where users can wind down, deeply immerse themselves in music and visuals, and most importantly, discover relief from the stresses of daily life. By engaging with the application, each user has the opportunity to create their personalized escape, making unique music and visual environment that perfectly resonates with their desire for relaxation, peacefulness or even, liveliness.

how does it work?

Firstly, users are given an overview of the program: what it is, what it’s for and what’s it’s goal. Afters are then navigated through the next screens where they are asked a series of questions; personalising their experience as they enter a custom name, and a custom title for the song, and music board.

Additionally, the program takes a moment to connect with the user in these initial pages, asking them how they feel, and what’d mood they’d like to create. This introspective approach ensures that the user’s musical journey aligns with their emotional state, helping them craft tunes that truly resonate with their current sentiments and desired emotions.


Main Page

This is the main page of the application – where all the magic starts. In this page, users can interact with the tiles, sliders, buttons, and discs.
Additionally, users can change the mode/mood of the music they’d like to make: between ‘relaxation’ and ‘energise’; changing components, layouts and music with it.

Music Tiles

By pressing on a tile, a unique sound is played. Combining two or more develops synchronisation between them – creating a unique soud, crafted by the user. Additionally, the colour gradient of the discs changes depending on the colour of the tiles that are currently playing.

Mixing Music

The sliders give the users the ability to ‘mix their sound’. By changing the volume and playback speed, users can control the how the music is played and its architecture.

Immersive Background

Users can choose which backgrounds they’d like during their crafting experience with the application – immersing themselves into their own desired experience.

Prince Lungay

Prince is a Brisbane-based designer and specialises in UI/UX and Graphic Design. He is passionate about creating unique and interactive designs for a fun user experience and is driven by his aspiration to become a renowned designer.