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Travel Bug

Travel Bug is an application that has been designed to simplify the already overwhelming planning process of travelling for any users through consolidating the important details in one location, ensuring all globetrotters the relaxation on holiday that they truly deserve.

the inspiration

When meticulously organizing my numerous past journeys, I encountered a myriad of challenges. These included grappling with the absence of internet connectivity in foreign lands, diligently ensuring that I didn’t overlook any crucial tasks, painstakingly sifting through my email archives to unearth booking details, grappling with language barriers, and fearing the loss of once-in-a-lifetime memories. The intricate process of trip planning, while embarking on an exciting upcoming adventure, always seemed to cast a shadow due to its overwhelming nature. It is precisely this experience that fuels the vision of Travel Bug — a desire to craft a streamlined and hassle-free journey for fellow travelers. I yearned for an all-encompassing application that would spare me from the need to download multiple apps or bookmark countless emails, ensuring that no detail slipped through the cracks.

Valeria Salazar

Valeria is a design enthusiast with a passion for creativity, blending art and functionality. She's eager to innovate through infusing a wealth of knowledge from diverse conversations into each project. Driven by undying curiosity, she harnesses unique design insight to sculpt visually captivating, user-centric solutions that marry style and substance. :)