Interaction - Bachelors

The Tropic Explorer

The Tropic Explorer is an immersive mobile game built to enhance the learning experience within the rainforest exhibition at the Museum of Tropical Queensland. It combines augmented reality technology with a narration-based gaming interface to create interactive and playful learning activities for school-aged children.


Adobe XD

Augmented Reality

Adobe Aero


Exhibition Poster

The poster is a mock-up of the real space at the Museum of Tropical Queensland for the purpose of using image tracking AR.

The Tropic Explorer

This is the first section of The Tropic Explorer, you will have to complete the levels to unlock more!

AR Links

If you want to just play around with the augmented reality aspects, scan a link and use the exhibition poster to find the frogs!

Savana Ryder

Savana has a Bachelor's Degree in Design, with a major in interaction design and a minor in visual communications. She strives to design with purpose and is interested in improving human-computer relationships through designing with the user at the forefront.