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The Process

The Process card game and digital resource aims to instill core design concepts into young designers such as collaboration, communication and iterative development. While also guiding teachers on how they can redesign their teaching to be more engaging and memorable.

DESIGN Process video

Card Game

The Card Game utilises three distinct card types to create a brief for a group to adhere to, in which players must ideate, sketch and present 5 unique ideas in 10 minutes. With each card pack setting a unique persona, product and context players must stick to, providing a level of challenge and skills. Some cards have extra information that helps guide players to make informed choice on how to approach designing around certain constraints.

The Process card types


The Digital Resource covers important topics that a Design teacher would need to know in order to effectively incorporate the game into a class lesson.


Learn how to play ‘The Process’ in a step by step guide with detailed instructions on how Teachers should instruct students on how to play the game as intended.


Explore the benefits of how ‘The Process’ teaches design, and as an educator make an informed choice if the game aligns with your teaching methods.

Lesson plans

Lesson plans show that the card game can be utilised in a number of different ways whether it be a fun way to start a class or be at the core of a student design assessment. by providing a detailed list that gives a step by step instructions on how to incorporate the game in a new way.

The process carousel mock up



All card types come with their own smart packaging, which utilizes NFC sticker technology to connect the tangible card game experience with the digital resource. Users can place their phone or mobile device onto the NFC sticker to direct users to the digital resource.

persona pack packaging mock-up

Keagan Geyer

As a UI/UX designer and Front End web developer Keagan is passionate to bridge the gap between ideas and technology. He believe that creating unique experiences are the heart of any design and by pushing the boundaries of technology they can create entirely new ones.