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The ADHD Guide

'The ADHD Guide' offers a user-friendly resource, featuring 10 common ADHD struggles, specially tailored tips, and a seamless connection between a brochure and website for accessible assistance, supporting individuals to live more independent and healthier lives.

Amalie Askerød Larsen

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What is The ADHD Guide?

check out the video or read my design statement below to find out :))

The video is 2 minutes and 19 seconds long, which will provide you with a comprehensive insight into my project.
Regrettably, due to the unavailability of suitable recording equipment, I have opted for a text-to-speech solution, I hope that it will meet your expectations.

Design concept statement

The design concept will provide a more comprehensive explanation of my project

A poster with mockups and text that is the same as the designer statement.
The ADHD Guide emerged from the increasing need for informative and user-friendly resources made for recently diagnosed adults with ADHD.

According to a statistic from “Diagnosis Trends: Increased Recognition or Overdiagnosis?” 75% of adults with ADHD went undiagnosed in childhood. This may have resulted in lifetime struggles they did not understand before they got diagnosed and/or unhealthy coping strategies.

ADHD is a diagnosis that has gotten a lot of attention in the past years due to an increase in people diagnosed. A lot of those who have been recently diagnosed are grown women whose symptoms have been brushed off earlier.
In Australia, you are not provided any resources when you get diagnosed and are left to find information yourself. A lot of credible information about ADHD is from long scientific research articles that often require a lot of attention and focus to understand.

I wanted to create a resource that is made FOR adults with ADHD.
Mockup of the physical brochure with fold-out elements and QR codes.
The ADHD guide will provide a more fun, accessible, and quick-to-check resource.
The guide will provide 10 common struggles, what they are, why this happens to individuals with ADHD, and most important an array of tips on how to deal with them. The tips are specially made to work on the ADHD brain since many of the “normal” tips does not work with their neurotype.

I made the design more accessible and engaging by using visual aids to communicate the different struggles, by implementing interactive elements and by keeping the text simple and informative.

The brochure will be distributed to psychiatrists, psychologists, ADHD experts, and patient groups, they will also be informed about the website so they can direct their patients there.
When a person scans the QR code in the brochure it will take them directly to the same topic page on the website, I did this to minimize the amount of effort needed.

The ADHD guide will help people live more independent and healthy lives as they can reach for the guide physically or online when in need of guidance.


Feel free to take a look at some prototype screenshots

The screenshots show the prototype, showcasing both the mobile website and the brochure layout. Additionally, I have included a presentation of the style guide for your reference.

figma design file


For those with a keen interest in the design process, I invite you to explore the Figma design file.

Please visit my website and find my contact information below :))

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Amalie Askerød Larsen

Amalie is a visionary designer, with lots of creativity and innovation. Their belief in the transformative power of interaction design fuels their passion to make a positive impact on the world. Before embarking on this journey, they will return to Norway to complete their degree at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.