Interaction - Bachelors

Tea and Tales

My project seeks to introduce an innovative platform that offers mental health guidance, with a primary objective of diminishing the stigma associated with anxiety and depression. The goal is to establish an environment where users not only discover a profound sense of empathy but also realize that their struggles are shared by many. It emphasizes that seeking a conversation and support should be a natural and non-intimidating process, promoting open dialogue and understanding.

A cozy visual novel

Players step into the shoes of individuals seeking solace and support for their struggles with anxiety and depression. Set in a serene and welcoming cafe, players immerse themselves in a world distinct from their own, offering a sanctuary for self-reflection and growth. Customers come to the cafe not only for warm beverages and pastries but also for the compassionate guidance they receive during each visit.

Tarot Cards

Incorporating tarot cards as an additional element, enriching the user’s understanding of the character within the limited time available. Tarot cards, with their centuries-old history, are revered for their ability to delve into the depths of the human subconscious, offering intuitive insights.

These cards serve as catalysts, prompting individuals to engage in profound contemplation of their thoughts, emotions, and life circumstances. Some view the use of tarot cards as a therapeutic experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the self and offering a unique pathway to self-reflection.

Jemma Goudge

Jemma is a dedicated UX designer who's always eager to take on diverse projects and further develop her skills. She finds inspiration in the creative industry and enjoys incorporating elements from various cultures to shape her unique design style.