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SYNTHEASEL is an interactive music visualization web application that empowers users to create personalized visualizations for their favorite songs. It offers real-time effects, diverse color palettes, and brush interactions based on song elements, enhancing the connection between music and art.


Music is a universal artform that can be heard anywhere from lavish dinner parties to supermarkets, with the power to enrich our lives with emotional resonance and entertainment. This effect is only strengthened by the introduction of mixed media interactions. However, the experience of music is subjective, and traditional music visualizations may not capture individual perceptions accurately. SynthEasel seeks to address this by empowering users to create personalized visualizations, enriching their musical journeys.

SYNTHEASEL’s primary objective is to provide users with creative tools to craft unique music visualizations that enhance their emotional connection and interaction with music. This web application draws inspiration from common art programs and applies real-time effects to brushes based on the song’s attributes. Our design philosophy is rooted in ludic and short, focused interactions, aiming to bring users closer to their favorite songs, promote relaxation, and spark creativity featuring, User-driven music visualizations, Real-time brush interactions, Dynamic color palettes based on key and mode and Brush behavior linked to tempo and frequencies.

SYNTHEASEL’s design is the result of extensive user research into drawing observations and individual musical analysis. This research ensures that the tools provided are both accurate and enjoyable for users. The project is hosted on GitHub pages and is built using front-end languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with a strong emphasis on the p5.js and p5.sound libraries.

SynthEasel is an interactive music visualization web application that bridges the gap between music and visual art. By enabling users to create personalized visualizations, it adds a new dimension to the music experience. Each interaction is a journey of self-expression and exploration, fostering a deeper connection between users and the music they love.



Alex Ward

Alex Ward is a UX designer and web developer with a specialized interest in creative coding and projects focused on the arts. He is passionate about music, art, and illustration and seeks to experiment with unique and emerging design concepts.