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SymphoME is a musical device designed to spark and inspire creativity, playfulness, and self-expression in others. Using musical elements and programming software, users can create a beautiful symphony with the motion of a hand.


My topic of interest for this advanced design project is to create something that encourages and enables expression through a user’s individuality.

Now to do this I looked at different ways one could express something. You have speech, fashion, writing, dance, and drawing. Now me personally, my upbringing included playing a musical instrument and from there I’d like to believe it ignited a love for music, finding myself as someone who connects with music heavily to this day. Ultimately bringing me to the conclusion to use music as the dominant tool for self-expression in this project.

When we don’t express ourselves, we repress important parts of who we are and cause ourselves considerable struggle and lasting mental and emotional pain. Our frustration turns to rage, Our isolation turns to depression and restlessness turns to panic.
Self-expression is the tool to create the life that you love and it makes you love the life that you, irrespective of any material thing. When one authentically expressess what he feels, he creates possibilities for others too.

Mumbai. (2021, October 2). ‘Lack of self-expression leads to dull.


The creation of music compositions is infinite. This is because there are an infinite number of ways to combine notes and rhythms to create unique music pieces. (The Limitless Possibilities Of Musical Composition) Notice how you never hear the same songs being made? Like yes, you definitely hear a type of familiarity to some songs you hear today, ‘sampling’ is becoming a a common tool in music by other musicians, and yet they are never exactly the same.

“What we hear is determined by what we want to hear, by what can be heard, and by the circumstances that allow it to come into being.”

“Music resonates in so many parts of the brain that we can’t conceive of it being an isolated thing. It’s whom you were with, how old you were and what was happening that day.”

Musician David Bryne

And for individual, this would differentiate based on their own personal experiences, perspectives, their emotions… their individuality.
Music provides a basis for self-identity and collective identity, having a special link to emotions.

What is symphome

In this project space I looked to designing something implemented in social settings, to allow interaction and playfulness within society. Something inclusive for everyone to have fun and interact with. Taking on inspiration of music conductors, I designed a prototype that would allow users to mimic this behaviour, and in doing so my design will react by producing music.

Socheatha Heng

Socheatha is an interaction design and advertising student in her final year at QUT who is interested in UX design.