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Swipe Socials

Swipe Socials is here to ignite the positive friendships – where your mental health gets a boost through the magic of connecting with your friends, and actually following through with the plans!

Swipe socials

Your City, Your Choices, Swipe Away!

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Swipe Socials is all about ramping up mental health by reigniting forming healthy and strong friendship bonds. In this digital age where face-to-face hangs are often swapped for screens, I aim to encourage and promote need for meaningful IRL connections.

Motivated by the deep impact of mental health our youth struggles with today, I decided to design an app that encourages users to kickstart fun activities and heart-to-hearts with their existing friends.

“I would 100% use this, super easy and fun.”

Orlando (user testing)

The apps algorithms even spot when you’re slacking on socialising and nudge you to make plans, ensuring your mental health is always the best it can be.

Swipe Socials isn’t just any app though; it’s the tool to nurture well-being through strong friendships. I aim to tackle that sense of isolation and loneliness often associated with poor mental health, and overall improve quality of life by encouraging those genuine social connections.

Kara Bond

Kara is an enthusiastic and bubbly, designer who thrives in the world of UX UI design. She loves to design colourful apps and websites, and loves the flowing creativity every day!