Interaction - Bachelors


Spectrum is a mood tracker app designed with the phrase “less is more” in mind. A simple, intuitive and delightful interaction that supports the management of mental wellbeing.


Design a solution to help university students (who are overwhelmed with balancing study, work, family, friends) manage their mental wellbeing in a way that promotes regular emotional management and social interaction.


An aura gradient themed mood tracker app. The concept of this app revolves around aura gradients as a representation of mood and colours as emotion, and allowing users to bring their own interpretations of these colours into play. The app promotes consistent emotional regulation through self-reflection and evaluation of one’s moods.

app features

✧ Track your emotions daily and recieve an aura gradient result that represents your mood.
✧ Save & share results with friends
✧ Colour chart can be customised to adjust colours and emotions to user preference
✧ Calendar of mood entries – view past moods
✧ Scroll through monthly journal memos

Jessie Su

Jessie is an emerging UX/UI Designer dedicated to crafting user-centered solutions. Her mission is to seamlessly bridge the gap between form and function in design to make lives easier, more efficient, and more delightful.