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Sole Vibrations

Sole Vibrations is a haptic feedback device that allows users to “feel” music and sounds around them. The device uses a series of small vibration motors to create different patterns and intensities of vibration feedback, which is determined by the sounds picked up by a microphone module.

from sole, to soul.

Sole Vibrations seeks to reconnect music enthusiasts suffering through noise-induced hearing loss, by allowing sounds to be experienced through haptic feedback, and helping users to immerse and experience music in a fresh light. Hearing loss doesn’t have to stop you from experiencing music anymore. With Sole Vibrations, you can reconnect with your soul, through your sole.

Sole Vibrations Footplate Image


Sole vibrations consist of two components: the footplate, and the microphone module. The vibration motors are distributed throughout a foot-shaped platform, strategically placed in areas where the feet will make contact no matter which orientation. The motors are connected to a microphone module, shaped like a cube with curved edges, which allows the microphone to be directed in multiple directions. When performing or listening to music, face the mic towards the sound source, and the vibration motors will react accordingly.


The functionalities were developed with Arduino hardware and coding. Haptic sensations were achieved through multiple vibration motors attached to the footplate. The intensity of the motors were varied through a microphone module, with a built-in potentiometer to adjust the gain. The entire design was controlled with an Arduino Uno R2, with coding being done through the Arduino IDE.

Close-up of haptic motors
Arduino hardware, including the wiring, breadboard, and microcontroller
Code used in the Arduino IDE

Chelo Lechonsito

Chelo Lechonsito is a final year interaction designer with a keen interest in multisensory design, specifically for wearable tech and haptic feedback. With a multitude of multidisciplinary design experience behind him, Chelo seeks to create a better world through his ideas and skills