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SaveLand: A groundbreaking app designed to revolutionize personal finance. Through gamification principles and meticulous research, it elevates the experience of saving money into an engaging and rewarding challenge, seamlessly blending practicality with entertainment.


SaveLand isn’t just a finance app; it’s a revolution in saving habits. Through our mission, we aim to shift paradigms by transforming daily financial choices. We inspire users to recognize, evaluate, and capitalize on every opportunity to save, fostering a sustainable future for all.

Engagement Through Innovation: SaveLand’s Core Features

We’ve gone beyond basic budgeting. At SaveLand, users embark on curated savings challenges, making penny-pinching an adventure. Coupled with our 3D trophy displays and leveled achievements, we gamify the savings experience, ensuring that every user interaction is both educational and entertaining.

Beyond Demographics: Crafting for our Audienc

SaveLand isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ve conducted extensive research to understand our users – from the cash-strapped college student to the savings-savvy professional. Our features, challenges, and rewards cater to a diverse audience, ensuring relatability, effectiveness, and genuine financial growth.

Weiqi Wang

Weiqi Wang is an interaction designer with two years of experience in the internet domain. Specializing in user experience design, he merges market insights with monetization strategies. His primary focus is on user growth, profit conversion, and delivering an exceptional user experience.