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Mythic North

Mythic North is an exploration-based learning expereince centering on Scandinavian myths and folklore. Set in the Norwegian countryside, the user is free to explore and venture on a journey where they can discover creatures from Nordic folk tales and learn of their stories and different depictions throughout Scandinavia.

Lucas Munkeberg Brenne

Design goal

My capstone project delves into the realm of Scandinavian myths and folklore.
I’ve always had a fascination with the stories I heard growing up as a child, and wanted to find a way to bring these old tales together into an immersive experience which makes exploring and learning about them both fun and engaging. In this way I want to foster curiosity and offer users a captivating journey into the world of old Scandinavian tales.

While the aim is to capture audiences of all ages, the usage of gamified aspects is made to especially draw in youth and young adults who may already be familiar with similar systems. The main goal is to make the rich tapestry of creatures available to people across all ages, and to cater to both newcomers and those well-versed in old nordic folklore.

Mythic North serves as a gateway to the mysterious and captivating creatures of old Scandinavian myths. By not only depicting the creatures, but also the landscapes and cultures surrounding them, the project aims to give the user a deeper and more engaging understanding of the locations these myths were born from. Through hand drawn assets my goal is to provide a cohesive and consistent looking world where the user is able to observe the different creatures in their traditional environments. To further engage the learning experience, each creature also has a gallery showing all the different ways they are depicted throughout Scandinavia to provide the user with a more thorough understanding of the creatures’ stories.

Mockup of an information screen on laptop

Exploration, education, entertainment

Mythic North is designed to transport users into a captivating realm that blends mystery with education. The user interface has been carefully crafted to ensure effortless navigation and offer diverse interaction options for a seamless experience. The galleries delve deeper into each mythical creature, providing insights into their depictions across various regions of Scandinavia. Hand-drawn assets have been carefully created to maintain a coherent and consistent visual narrative throughout the user’s journey. As they explore this enigmatic world of Scandinavian folklore, the user will not only uncover its rich tapestry of creatures but also experience an educational fusion of myth and reality.
Mockups of six pages from the mobile version

Mobile Interface

The mobile interface has been thoughtfully designed for compact accessibility. Following the ‘Mobile First’ principle, all user interface elements have been strategically positioned at the bottom of the screen to accommodate intuitive thumb movements for effortless navigation. User-centric interactions offer versatile options such as tapping and sliding to navigate to accommodate for diverse user habits, ensuring that the experience remains highly accessible to a broad range of mobile device users. Whether you’re exploring the galleries, delving into creature details, or immersing yourself in the visual narrative, the mobile interface provides a seamless and user-friendly journey that fits snugly in a compact display.

Lucas Munkeberg Brenne

Lucas is an Interaction Design bachelor student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) studying the bachelor’s 5th semester at QUT. With a background in art, game design and UX design, Lucas seeks to combine the three disciplines to create unique and engaging user experiences.