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LiveLoop is an interactive record store display that brings album art to life – blending the physical and the digital to encapsulate the experience of vinyl in a modern age.


Project Overview

What is LiveLoop?

LiveLoop refers to the hidden visuals in a record cover only unlocked by using the custom built display that projects the visuals into physical space.

Users can select from any LiveLoop compatible record in the display’s cutout, and place the cover on the stand to their right to activate the specific visuals designed specifically for that album.

Each record has its own unique additional interaction with the visuals projected using the slider along the right hand side of the record stand.

Compatible record covers being held in front of the display.


The scope of this project only allowed for a limited selection of varied albums to be developed into LiveLoops.

Albums with LiveLoop compatibility include:

Sunburn by Dominic Fike (2023)
In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson (2005)
Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999)


Each LiveLoop has been created to complement the album artwork and allow users to interact and explore with a record in a way that extends past just playing the music inside.

Sunburn’s LiveLoop takes a gritty and choppy approach to it’s motion, colours, and aesthetic – representative of the sonic qualities of the album.

In Between Dreams’ LiveLoop embraces the acoustic and gentle nature of the album with smooth motion, and more realistic colours and visuals.

Californication’s LiveLoop goes for more abstract, fast-paced motion and colours changes invoked by the mirror image of sky and sea on the cover.

The liveloop brand

the visual style

Keeping in theme with physical meets digital, the branding for LiveLoop takes a page from simple logo and magazine design of the 70s and 80s, and CRT / VHS qualities and aesthetic to evoke feelings of nostalgia.

A style guide for LiveLoop branding content, including fonts, colours, and basic iconography.
Different variations of the LiveLoop logo.



LiveLoop merchandise which includes records with LiveLoop stickers, two t-shirt variations, a tote bag, and a ceramic mug.

Mitchell Bellis

Majoring in both Interaction Design and Visual Communication, Mitchell has experience engaging in many facets of design from tangible media to large scale motion design projects. Always up for reinventing and progressing his talents, he is ready to take on any challenge to come his way.