Interaction - Bachelors

Kitbuilder Studio

Kitbuilder Studio is a website which aims as a bridge between sports manufacturers and their customers. The website features a jersey design tool which your kit can be saved to your profile and shared with others.

Kitbuilder Studio is an interactive web prototype which aims to help communicate a unique design idea to a sportswear company. Compared to all other current kit building websites, Kitbuilder Studio is not affiliated with any company and is not the final iteration before production. This helps alleviate the stress of creativity limitations, miscommunication and time consuming email exchanges between the client and design company.

The website itself can be categorised in three main sections: profile, garment editor and garment overview. The profile page allows the user to view their previously saved kits to edit or share externally. The user can also choose to create a new kit from the profile page, which allows them to select a garment to design from. The user is then taken step by step through the different customisation elements that make a fully designed kit. This includes being able to insert images into an artboard, select graphics such as shapes or lines, choose from a designed template, add logos, text and numbers. All of these elements can be dragged onto the canvas, showing the user real time what their jersey looks like. In the kit overview, the user can see all the garments added to their current kit with a summary of colour codes included in their kit. They will also be able to click on the garments to add annotations or messages for anyone external to follow along.

Tasha Forsyth

Tasha is an Interaction Design graduate with a passion for functional and sleek interfaces. Tasha aims to pair her personal passions with her design skills to create innovative solutions which benefit users of different backgrounds.