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Home Revive – A Sustainability Focused Website

Home Revive is a sustainability website that empowers users to transform their homes by integrating sustainable features. Through its interface, homeowners can visualize the real-time impact of these features on their utility bills and the environment, fostering eco-conscious living and tangible savings.

Home Revive – Sustainability Website

Is dedicated to enlightening homeowners about the benefits and methods of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. With hands-on tools and information, It strives to make green living both accessible and practical, transforming homes into eco-friendly havens for the future.

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Design Concept Statement

In today’s rapidly changing climate, homeowners seek actionable, tailored solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and lead a sustainable lifestyle. “HomeRevive” emerges as an innovative digital platform dedicated to empowering homeowners with personalized sustainability insights and solutions. Our website seamlessly bridges the gap between intent and action, transforming homes into a more sustaianble household. By simply entering their address, users unveil a visual representation of their home, awaiting customization.

Reece Hilton

Reece is a third-year interaction design student with a keen interest in UI/UX design and front-end development. Eager to learn and driven by a passion for creating intuitive user experiences, Reece is constantly exploring the evolving landscape of digital design.