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Hobby with me

Hobby with me is an application designed for young adults to exchange hobbies. It aims to leverage its digital platform to foster real-life connections by connecting individuals through hobbies they can teach and learn from each other.

Hobby with me

Hobby with me was conceptualised to improve the quality of life of young adults by providing a social application that leverages a digital platform to foster real-life connections. In a society where financial instability is rising due to the cost of living, Hobby with me aims to provide a collaborative space with minimal financial commitment.

Hobby with me is a hobby exchange mobile application where users can input hobbies they can teach and hobbies they want to learn. They are then matched up with other users with the same criteria where teaching and learning are then used as payment and product. The application allows users to experience new hobbies in an accessible manner and encourages collaboration between individuals.

Hobby with me was specifically designed around the target audience of young adults as they are more likely to adopt the platform. This audience is also more likely to have greater availability due to their lifestyle which will facilitate active participation and exploration of hobbies.

I opted for a visually appealing and enjoyable design to foster a positive atmosphere within the application. It was important that ‘Hobby with me’ offered a positive environment for users, to allow them to grow with their hobbies.

Hobby with me’s unique concept of exchanging hobbies and the commitment to bridging the gap between leisure and affordability offers young adults a well-suited avenue for personal growth and thoughtful social connections.

Tia Lotam

I am a final year student, studying a Bachelors of Business (Marketing) and Design (Interaction). I believe in designing with a user centric approach to ensure that interactions cater to the end user.