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Habitchi is a digital wellness app that utilises gamified positive technology by marrying habit tracking with a digital pet simulator. Designed primarily for individuals seeking an interactive and ludic method to prioritise their wellbeing, Habitchi offers a digital companion that grows and thrives based on users’ real-world habits.


Your digital wellbeing companion

Habitchi combines the engaging elements of a digital pet with the practicality of a habit tracker. Users maintain their well-being by logging activities, which in turn cares for their digital pet. Recognising the subjective nature of well-being, Habitchi offers a robust customizable experience. Users can adjust existing wellness activities or even introduce their own, ensuring the app aligns with their unique journey.

Social connection, while available, is designed with mindfulness. Instead of mimicking common social media patterns, Habitchi’s interactions pivot around the wellness pet. Friends are added via codes, and interactions focus on pets rather than personal profiles, reinforcing the app’s emphasis on holistic health. This approach was informed by user research, which indicated a desire for social features without the pitfalls of conventional social platforms.

The heart of Habitchi is the wellness pet, serving as both a motivational companion and a reflection of the user’s well-being journey. As users stay committed, they receive motivational messages and unlock options to personalise their pet’s appearance, outfit, and environment. By intertwining users’ personal growth with the care of their digital companion, Habitchi offers a fresh and engaging angle to the world of habit tracking.

Image of a synthesis of user research survey insights. Please follow <a href="">this link</a> for a summary if it is not loading.

Super intuitive and easy to use – everything was where I expected it to be 🙂”

User Tester #2, AGE 21

I really loved the app as soon as I opened it. I really love the idea and intentions behind the app. It is very simply laid out and easy to use.”

User tester #3, AGE 24

I think its incredible! I can see myself using Habitchi in the future.”

User Tester #4, AGE 33

Below you will find my Figma Prototypes embedded into the website, however if you would prefer I have links to the external pages for my App Prototype and Widget Prototype.



Michael Owen Keel

Michael Owen Keel is a budding interaction designer guided by the principles of Heart and Humour. Currently serving at QUT in Student Engagement and as a pivotal member of the Project Design Team, Michael is deeply intrigued by the transformative power of positive technology and gamification.