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Flick Finder

Flick Finder is a movie recommendation website that takes two different anonymously selected answers, and combines them to provide a few movie suggestions to suit both players. The ultimate solution to the age-old question, "What movie should we watch tonight?"

Simplifying your movie night experience

Flick Finder was inspired from a personal challenge but designed to address a global concern

– L Bull
This image shows that once you click on the movie covers, it will show more information like: synopsis, year released, star rating, platform available etc

Recommendations Page

The anonymity feature in this app plays a pivotal role in streamlining the user experience. In a world where time is precious, enabling users to provide their opinions anonymously ensures a quick decision-making process. It removes the need for long conversations regarding what movie the other person wants to watch, and the indecisiveness, making the platform efficient and user-friendly. Additionally, the emphasis on simplicity, with restricted components, ensures that users can swiftly access the movie recommendations they seek. The incorporation of subtle and well-balanced aesthetic elements enhances the overall experience without overwhelming users, striking a harmonious balance between functionality and design, ultimately making Flick Finder a valuable tool in selecting the perfect movie for any occasion.

Leila Bull

Leila is an Interaction Designer with a passion for shaping the future of IXD through technology. Her ambition is to have a positive impact on how people execute various tasks through innovative design solutions. Leila is deeply intrigued by user-centered design, where she finds immense satisfaction in placing the needs and behaviours of users at the forefront of her creative process.