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Endangered Animals oz is an APP that allows usersto introduce, study, and experience Australia'sendangered animals in a fun way through variousinteractions. The app offers a multi-dimensionalexperience featuring interactive stamps and gift-receiving captivating mini-games, and immersivejourneys. AR introduces you to the world ofendangered species through lifelike 3D characters. By incorporating real animal sounds into AR, thisapp is also providing auditory education to users.The app not only provides education but can alsobring attention to Australia's endangered animals.This can bring users a renewed commitment tocontinued interest and conservation of Australia'sendangered animals

Concept description
The concept is called ENANGERED OZ, and it is an augmented reality (AR) applicationfor education and conservation of endangered animals in Australia. This applicationleverages AR technology to bring virtual representations of endangered species intothe user’s environment to provide an immersive learning experience. Developed with afocus on educational value, it offers interactive features including a stamp collectionsystem designed to enhance engagement and retention of information.
Depending onthe target audience, the app also includes games that may be of interest. Additionally,all AR animal models integrated into the application have been carefully crafted bytheir authors and are intended for in-app use, further contributing to the educationalgoals of the platform. An augmented reality application for the study of Australia’sendangered species aims to increase conservation awareness and bridge the gapbetween conservation awareness and education. By leveraging AR, users will have theopportunity to virtually interact with Australia’s native and endangered species,fostering a deeper understanding of their habitat, behavior and the challenges theyface. This application is not only an educational tool, but also serves as a catalyst topromote active participation in wildlife conservation efforts. A virtual exploration ofAustralia’s biodiversity, interactive learning modules, gamified learning experiences,author-created AR animal models, and community and knowledge sharing featuresbuild this application comprehensivel

I chose Figma to create an educational app for Australia's endangered animals because of its intuitive interface and seamless prototyping capabilities, which allowed us to create interactive and visually engaging elements that enhance the user's learning experience.
Apps go beyond simple navigation and provide users with a lot of interactivity, fostering curiosity and encouraging active participation. Through an immersive combination of interactive elements, personalized avatars, quizzes, and mini-games, users embark on a journey of fun.
The fusion of adorable illustrations and 3D characters within an AR environment enhances the educational experience by providing visually engaging and interactive representations of endangered animals, fostering deeper understanding and connection to these species and their conservation needs.

Mingee Kang

A designer with a background in interaction design and a creative problem-solving approach. It boasts an imaginative approach to its craft. Design that leaves a lasting impression. The ability to highlight strengths is a hallmark of a designer's outstanding work.