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EcoEats is a revolutionary mobile application designed to empower households to embark on a sustainable journey by reducing waste and cultivating eco-friendly habits. This innovative platform offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, comprising key features such as shopping list creation, recipe browsing, engaging quizzes, and interactive learning modules.

EcoEats is not just another app; it’s a comprehensive solution that integrates sustainability into everyday life. Our primary goal is to make sustainable living accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and we achieve this through our variety of features.

Illustration showing how users track their progress
In EcoEats, the power of imagery is harnessed to vividly and effectively display users’ progress and their current impact on the environment. Through intuitive graphs, and eye-catching images, users can see at a glance how their actions are affecting their environmental footprint. For example, as users reduce food waste or opt for sustainable products, the dashboard updates to showcase the decrease in waste or the increase in eco-friendly choices.

Imagery within EcoEats transforms sustainability into a tangible, interactive experience. By making users’ progress visible, the app not only educates but also motivates, encouraging them to take even more eco-conscious actions and inspiring a deeper commitment to reducing their environmental impact.


Screen designs for empty state shopping list and full shopping list

Shopping List Creation

EcoEats simplifies the transition to eco-friendly living by helping users generate shopping lists tailored to their needs and preferences. By suggesting sustainable products and local options, the app encourages conscious consumption.
Screen designs of recipe category screens and the green juice recipe screen

Recipe Browsing

Explore a wide range of eco-conscious recipes to inspire and diversify your sustainable culinary journey. Our app provides access to delicious, planet-friendly dishes that are easy to prepare, making sustainability a flavourful adventure.
Screen designs of quiz homepage and quiz question


To enhance eco-awareness, EcoEats offers engaging quizzes to test and expand your knowledge about sustainability. These quizzes help users learn about their environmental impact and motivate them to make positive changes.
Screen designs of Module homepage and learning module

Learning modules

The app features interactive learning modules covering various sustainability topics, from composting to reducing plastic waste. Users can track their progress and acquire skills to live more sustainably.


Caitlin Ashley

Caitlin is a dedicated Interaction Design and Marketing student whose heart beats for creating exceptional user experiences through interface design. With a strong passion for problem-solving and a commitment to learning, Caitlin is poised to make a significant impact in the world.