Interaction - Bachelors


CI4U (Creative Industries for You) is a hub for everything creative industries. It occupies both the physical space of QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct with distinct and cohesive landmarks, and a bespoke mobile application allowing users to easily navigate the precinct and the various aspects that QUT’s CI courses provide.

Who? WHy?

I approached this project by looking first at what the students wanted from a design like CI4U. The main reflection from students studying creative industries, was that there is a need to bring all resources into on place. These include any student run theatre productions, gigs, exhibitions etc to go to or to even get involved in. From Fine Arts Drama majors the main consensus, to get an industry job after study, was by networking and getting involved as much as possible. The same goes for design students.

With the recent restructuring of the School of Design, more design students will be commencing classes in or around Kelvin Groves Z9 instead of at Gardens Point. Many design students’ unanimity was that whilst Z9 is a beautiful, well-designed building, there is little to no directionals for students and/or visitors.

With all of this in mind, CI4U was born. The aim of CI4U is to bring together all the external resources, such as student events, societies, past and current student work and getting around, all into one place for any creative industries students (or interested future student) to view.


CI4U has 3 components: sticker disks embedded with NFC tags, a physical way finder and an app. The end result would be to have the sticker disks and way finders around Z9 assisting all CI students.

Using CI4U

To access CI4U users must have an eligible NFC mobile device. Ensure that the mobile device is open before approaching either the directional or sticker disks. For an android devices, the NFC reader is typically in the middle of the device, whilst for Apple users, the NFC reader is at the top. Approach the centre of either the directional or sticker disk placing the NFC reader over the top and waiting for a prompt from the mobile device. This prompt will open a web browser on the mobile device, opening to the CI4U Figma app.

Visual Demonstration on how to use CI4U

Amelia Browne

As an Interaction Designer, Amelia Browne believes in the fundamental duty of an Interaction Designer to create enduring designs that prioritize the needs of users. As a member of the QUT Creative Industries community, Amelia is committed to designing systems and assets that serve and enhance the community, exemplifying the essence of user-centric design