Interaction - Bachelors


BouldAR is an interactive AR prototype which provides boulderers with a novel way to plan, track, and share their climbing routes while enhancing their overall experience.


BouldAR strives to complement the prevailing method of sharing climbing videos, which predominantly relies on short-form media. Short-form media lacks the capacity to accurately represent the climber’s size, wingspan, the gyms environment, and the intricacy of the wall holds. This AR implementation hopes to solves these issues.


This AR experience is expected to offer a fresh perspective on climbing, potentially inspiring novel approaches to solving climbing sequences. Additionally, the app aims to address the limitations of current short-form media by offering a unique perspective that incorporates crucial details such as the climber’s height, wingspan, physique, and the height of the climb itself. This approach should provide a more in-depth and informative understanding of the climbing experience.

Vincent Lay

With a growing interest in technology and all things about it, Vincent is an Interaction Design Student. Born into a family of designers, he's ready to tackle any problem space.