Interaction - Bachelors

Archaeofun’s Playground

Still remember when you were a kid, or when your kids were playing make-believe and always said, “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor / firefighter / teacher...?” I assure you, this is a more glamorous version of make-believe.

career exploration project

“Archaeofun’s Playground” is one of the themes of the career exploration project to learn about one’s career pathway, job scope and role in order to better understand the skills, interests, goals, and values.

The career exploration project is intended to be installed in appropriate public spaces, so the best public space for an archaeological themed playground is a museum. This place will eventually become your playground, giving you the most authentic and intuitive feelings and experiences.

Today you will become an archaeologist and explore your role’s daily workload in a more interesting and fun way by seeing, touching and listening. Besides, you will need to complete a series of relevant tasks designed specifically for archaeological themed playground to gain some basic understanding of the profession, its scope, contribution and importance, as well as to understand and show respect.

Jia Yee Lim

Jia is a designer who enjoys trying new things and software to explore the deeper meaning and boundaries of the term "interaction".